Therapy For The Brave

In practice I have come across a number of clients who think that deciding to enter therapy is a sign of weakness. They are afraid to tell their close friends about the choice they have made out of fear of being judged, and all the stigma that is attached to mental health. This blog is for you.

Most clients who are not pushed into therapy have come to recognise that there is something about their behaviour that continues recreating the same outcome in their lives. They have already arrived in the place where they are ready to take responsibility for their unconscious patterns. For those that are in this place, I want say that you are well on your way to create the desired changes and step into your power.

In fact you're half way there, because you're ready to listen. That doesn't mean that it’s going to be easy, actually you will be challenged even more. However excitement and fear are very similar and you might just learn to welcome your next growing edge, and begin to make choices that empower you.

Choosing to enter therapy is like deciding that one is ready to look into "the mirror of truth”. It takes great courage to be able to face ones demons, and to stop blaming parents, society and the environment around you. That is why therapy is for the brave and not the weak. It means being in discomfort and feeling the feelings and not supressing them with drink, food, sex or unhealthy relationships etc.

It is knowing oneself and not escaping the reality, it’s being at home with what is, and turning from just a character into being the author of your life.

I hope that you are able to see the therapy in a slightly different light, and I leave you with my favourite quote from Byron Katie "If you're alone in a room and you're suffering eventually it will dawn on you that you're the one who's causing it". Just imagine how powerful you are, and what you could create consciously.

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