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Fees & Services 


Sessions are 50 min in length, known as 

a standard therapeutic one hour.

The fees are £65 per session. 


Fees can be paid in cash, cheque at the end of each session or upfront and

in advance in the form of a transfer. 

Concession is available for job seekers, students and those on a low income.  




As part of the completion of my new training.
I am looking for clients I can use as case studies with a specific issue You would like to resolve.

If you are eligible, your identity will remain anonymous.  Free of charge in exchange for your commitment.

I ask that you commit to max five appointments,
(except for chronic anxiety, eight apt)
I will be using deep relaxation, light trance and
regression work, this might include past life regression, but not necessarily.

All appointments will be in person in Brentford TW8.

Each appointment lasts up to 3 hrs. 

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